Hey there!

I’m Rachel Bradley. I'm an independent artist and entrepreneur, and I'm all about helping other artists in their own journeys.

I make professional reference photos that you can use in all your creative projects (yes, even commercial!) and I coach and mentor artists at all stages of their careers towards healthier, more rewarding work.

I built a business doing what I love, but it hasn't always been easy. Building a business as an artist is REALLY hard, and we often do not hear the whole story from those we look up to. It's my mission to share honestly, the ups and the downs, and to inspire and enable others to do the same by demystifying this enigmatic line of work.

Through my newsletter, you will get weekly content curated to bolster your growth from many different angles. Skill is only the beginning and other factors like mindset, business, purpose, productivity, resilience and health (to name just a few!) are all hugely important but rarely addressed. This newsletter, and this community, will serve to aid, educate and encourage you in your own journey. I'm excited to have you with us!

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New reference packs, artworks, articles and any other things I've made that you might be interested in!


A thought-provoking question/prompt to challenge you and help you discover more about yourself and your art.


Cool resources other creators are making and a spotlight on artwork created by artists like you (see my FAQs to find out how to get featured!)

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Everything you see above, and…

Reference Image of the Week

A full resolution image from my archives every week with accompanying study notes to help you push your work further.


20% off my entire Gumroad store (reference packs, prints and soon to be more!)

Personal Updates

A behind the scenes look at what the week held for me. I’ll share studies, WIPS, thoughts, events, photos and/or anything else that was important/influential to me.


A section of things you can use to generate ideas in your own work/worldbuilding projects.

Thought for the Week

A brief, easily digestible thought (from myself or from others) to motivate/encourage/comfort/inspire you.

I’m really excited to be creating content in this format and I hope you enjoy receiving it.

Happy creating!

-Rachel <3